Wednesday, 21 November 2012

To me the FASHION SCREAM boutique

Now i had to share this with you guys,Aggie and Sophie started up a boutique together at Ham tower and the interior designing before the shop opened was so eye catching that customers couldnt wait for the clothes to get in the shop.

Aggie is doing ladies's very stylish day to day wear,jewels,to die for bags and shoes,with those beautiful colours, trust me its the kind of shopping you budget for in your daily time table coz her things are the kind any gal would want to wear to be noticed.

Sophie is doing very beautiful baby wear,shoes and jewels trust me you want ur baby in the London wear baby clothes. I couldn't wait for the store to be fully done to show you some of the pics enjoy.


  1. Where is Ham tower???? these look really nice..

    1. its in wandegeya the building opp the MUK main gate with the tuskeys supermarket

  2. I thought it's your motherf**king closet!
    Buh!!! Jesh

  3. I want to know where she got the stand for clothes and shoes. Let me know. The display looks nice.