Monday, 17 December 2012

All the Charity Events through Haven Anti Aids Foundation.

This month and last month has been treating me and Haven Anti AIDS foundation well,from Gen Change training to Cleaning Mulago To TEDx conference to the Speech day at our orphanage School to GLM drives to the Muslim youth conference it has been lovely and inspiring and next year,you will be seeing more of HAF activities with also TOONYTOWN ACTIVITES.Here are some of the Photos enjoy and leave a comment.

Monday, 3 December 2012

Ohhh My special birthday

Today at Mid night my Name sake jamila kagimu sent me the 1st birthday msg,i feel so special the way my frnds have made me feel today.

I wish myself and all other pple in the world who were born today a HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY, am sure its going to be a lovely day.

let me share with a few msgs i have got on my facebook wall

I 1st met u in high sch,i dint kno tht our paths wud eventually cross again n we'd become inseparable "cousins" Nw, am ever so grateful to God tht i met such a wonderful selfless hardworkin go getter beautiful curvaceous carin understandin beautiful, wait i sed tht already, owaye, words cnt explain wat i feel for u!! Ape bansdez tsu u!!!! May Allah continue showerin u wit blessings:* xoxo(this was from sue)

Happy birthday to one of the most beautiful souls i know.U truly are something!♥ May ths week be filled with blessings and lotsa joy.Love u boo Jamila Hood Mayanja(this was from Aggie)

happy bd my sweet love mwa(this one from linda),
Happy Birthday..Jammie...may u live to make a milestone on earth..!(from roland) and from over 100 pple just posted on my wall saying happy birthday.Thank u all for making my day