Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Judith Babirye's press conference

Some of u might wonder this moslem chic wit gospel artists but its ma job and this chic judith has a song about her mother its just touching that i gats to take ma mum to this concert.
Anywe the press thing was about her WEBALE MAMA album launch on 25th/11/11 at Serene and on 27th/11/11 at Nakivubo...all brought to u by smsone(u)ltd ....so all the money coming out of this concert is going to be used to buy baby kits for needy mothers at mulago....so i wud be there if i were u...anywe its going to have the likes of mariam ndagire,bobi wine,julie mutesasira,Haruna mubiru etc...here are the pics of the press thing,

Sunday, 6 November 2011

Eid al-Adha in details

Conclusion i had a good tym...let the pics say it all...

Allah is great i got to hold a lady bug yesterday and that was the moon on IDD DAY ...it was a lovely day and a lovely night.

Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Mayi's BD treat

Ok we had too much cake at her birthday(31st Oct)...chocolate and fruit cake and soda....hope mayi achieved her goal coz thats wat she wanted.
It was a lovely nite the power noticed we needed it so there was no darkness..thank u umeeme(kisilani)...heheh..anywe nuf said here are the pics...this tym am giving a full description of each pic...ok just something small

B.d girl...all smiles.

Rajab eating g-nuts while waiting for cake..at last he makes an appearance on my blog...heheh

two cutting session...mmmhhhhh yum yum..

isaac with shafiga,,,isaac and jamila....heheh jamila nga fila mukagilasi...lol

lastly me with the handsome wasswa..that guy is going to be killer handsome.
peace out people.