Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Haven AntiAIDS foundation at Namilyango Boys School

You know Haven Anti-AIDS Foundation is a non-profit Children and Youth development organization, empowering children and youth to... alleviate poverty, illiteracy and fight against HIV/AIDS through the use of their talents to realize their potential and discover their worth.
So this time they were at NGO the school that had Social or Prom with us when i was still in Sunsas.

Anyway so we were there through our new project called education Plus that is to give that other side of education to the students to teach them our ABC that is Abstaince,Behavioul change and Career Guidance so that they can become better healthy people in the future.
We had Major Rubalamira Ruranga an HIV+ guy who told the students about his experience told them to keep themselves safe.The major's wife is actually HIV negative so you see, alot needs to be learned about this disease.

The youth from the schools that attended like gazaya girls schools presented a speech about addiction and how u can over come it and the rest like from Rubaga girls and NGO showed of their talent in dance and music.
Haven presented some skits about HIV/AIDS and contemplary dances abt the latter.

here are the pics,hope you can join us some other time and help the future leader be better healthy students.

 Haven members arrive at the school Hall.
 The Haven information desk.
Major Rubalamira Ruranga gives a speech.
 The youth listening in
 Haven member called kenno presenting a contemporary dance about HIV/AIDS

 Gayaza youth presents about fighting addiction

 Haven Director gives a speech.

The human source guy and assistant general Sec of Haven ready for lunch
 NGO youth patron thanks Haven

Thats me their with the director and the patron and the human resource guy.
Haven photo moment
 Haven with the incoming and out going president.

Monday, 18 June 2012

I miss celebrating Father's day( i miss my dad late Haji Hood Mayanja)

I really miss him so much.this is something small to you THE LATE HAJI HOOD MAYANJA(May Allah bless you and give you Jannah).

A Father Is
A Father is neither an anchor to hold us back
nor a sail to take us there,
but always a guiding light
whose love shows us the way.
The warm light of your love
shines in my memories and in my heart
reminding me of your guidance
your care, and most of all, your love

I got some pics for celebrity fathers,wish men of Uganda were like these guys they show they care for their children too,its not a mothers job only coz it takes the woman and man to make that beautiful baby.

Monday, 4 June 2012

UG's womanly beauty..hihihi

I love traveling and i love photograpy...i love the beauty my country carries..and when i get the time i will travel to bring you all that beauty.
Last weekend visited this beach in Uganda and i couldn't resist taking these pics.Here they are coz Uganda surely has beautiful places.