Thursday, 5 April 2012

Party Paka Budde kukya.hihihihi

So ma friends and i,we love living the good life,we love partying,being smart in heels and we cruise to the club.i had to capture some of our getting ready to party moments.
When in the club we order our non-alcohol drinks(pple always get surprised most of us dont drink but we are already too crazy to add in another trigger drink.that wud make us wayyyyy bad hyper)
When we get on the dance floor,heads turn coz we know how to move it heheheheh


  1. am jealous!!!

  2. nabisunsa reunion i see ..

    1. sweetie thats how we rock!its not are union!thats just our world

  3. girls dress way too hot for the club. Jamila Kagimu and Mai!! hmmm...You set it on fire instead of the other way around.
    And you're right, you don't need to drink to have a good time. I love the pix!!