Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Sales Pitch Night

Check out sales pitch night (@salespitchnight):

I started this night through my company,to create a platform for sales people to meet,greet and network,a platform where the game of sales is on a new level

The night features guest speaker that share their true life sales success stories and share their sales techniques,we then have sales people pitch to the audience for 5 minutes what they do..this is the most amazing part because the best pitch is later awarded at the end of the night and the best represented company.

Later we have some entertainment and networking time for people to exchange business cards.
The 1st one 40-40 Smile charity foundation won the best pitch of the night and NBS team won the best represented company award.
Here are some pics of the 1st night,the 2nd night is on 29th August 2014 at Africana Hotel miss it not...

Saturday, 26 April 2014

What you missed part one

I have really missed doing this,blogging about my world because it involves alot,I do alot and work in so many initiatives,and Volunteer and support so many,after downloading this app on my phone... Am not going to miss sharing anything with my blog frnds.

Right now am attending a winning woman public speaking training organised by winning choices company ofcourse...that launched this winning woman project on 11th April,I helped these ladies coz I believed n believe in dreams and wanted to be part.if their hard work.
The training was opened by the speakers of parliament Hon.Rebecca Kadaga.

See how it going.

Monday, 22 July 2013

Monday, 8 July 2013

i missed you people


Wednesday, 27 March 2013


So I had to share this with you,am sure you will love what HAVEN ANTI AIDS FOUNDATION  is doing in this project,

Education Plus Project is a youthful project that Inspires, Educates, Empowers and Exhibits young people’s talents thereby adding more knowledge besides school syllabuses to students in schools and out of school youth. They aim at Teaching, Training and Testing; thereby promoting their new HIV/AIDS Prevention strategies, that is, Abstinence, Behavior change, Career guidance to students in schools and Abstinence, Be faithful and correct use of Condoms in communities.

Their Mission
They focus on the promotion of HIV/AIDS prevention, awareness and sensitization in schools and communities involving and empowering youth through the use of their talents to pass on the message of Abstinence, Behavior change and Career guidance with the aim to change youth’s attitude and behaviors to prevent the new HIV infections
To coordinate, sensitize and mobilize joint activities and involvement of young people in the response to HIV/AIDS through the provision of HIV/AIDS information thereby translating it into behavior change.

Their Activities
The project is implemented through the following activities;
•Info-tainment for HIV/AIDS prevention (Educative shows)
•Training and capacity building (Training workshops)
•Community HIV/AIDS Prevention drives
•Talking environment
•Formation of youth clubs
•Counseling and guidance
•Conferences and Workshops
•Advocacy and lobbying
•HIV Testing
•Nurturing talents
•Youth platforms to raise their issues on health and employment
•Father-Daughter Dance

So if you can offer any help they lack the following

•Resources like P.A System, cameras, projector, etc
•Funding for allowances and facilitation
•Volunteers with different skills
•Qualifies youth counselors
•Lack of published materials with HIV/AIDS messages/information for the youth
•Ready HIV testing experts during our outreaches
•Costumes for the performances, that is, skits, silent theater, dances, etc

They mostly need;
•Stakeholder participation
•More skilled volunteers
•Sub-grants from different organization
•Signing partnerships with different organizations

Here are some of the Pics.

                                            Nabingo Haven Club

                                           Training Workshop at Trinity Sec School
                                             Training worshop at Nabingo
                                           Educative show

                                         The haven Team.

Friday, 22 March 2013

RANDOM-me & Shoogar store

Just me being random and my friends aggie and Sophie's store called shoogar and some of the pieces i wanted to buy from myself.

Thursday, 28 February 2013

Yeaaahhh am a Generation Change member Uganda chapter.

Generation Change is a youth-led global network dedicated to empowering the next generation of innovators and leaders. It provides a platform for the free exchange of ideas across borders and cultures, and a community of peers and mentors who use their collective resources to positively impact communities locally and globally. Generation Change hopes to build a strong network of young leaders who are positively influencing their communities now and will continue doing so in the years to come. This network can provide a forum for exchanging ideas and creating projects that can have impact on a global scale, both through offline events and online connections. United States Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has declared members of Generation Change in the United States “unofficial ambassadors on behalf of our country.”

Mayanja Jamila was selected from Haven Anti-AIDS Foundation to represent the organization as a person who creates change in the lives of other youth in schools and communities. Here are some of the pictorials of her work;