Saturday, 25 June 2011

Soooo worried

Today that's how am feeling...i have something nagging me...i think something is going to happen today so am wondering what the concern people will say about they will react am so scared coz from today my world seems to be unpredictable today..God plse help so that i get good results...

Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Born Lucky

So hope u know how Lindsay lohan is on house arrest....but u can think she is on holiday, she even threw a bash for her close friends during her house arrest,the lucky part of her house arrest,Internet auction site has tapped Lohan to film a commercial from her very own living-room couch. Beezid is a penny auction site that sells electronics, cars, video games and lifestyle and fashion products.

A rep for the company said that Lohan was originally offered a whopping $25,000 for the gig, but she turned it down. Beezid then upped the ante (the rep says it was in the five figures) and threw in a $10,000 credit to spend on the site.

That was enough to sway Lohan.

"Hey, all my friends: I just wanted to share with you that during some of my time at home, I found this amazing site with great deals: It's called," LiLo says on the ad spot, which runs just under 15 seconds.

The company rep said they chose Lohan because she's a "huge shopper" who had "extra time right now."

"Lindsay was great to work with," said the rep. "She loved the site. She was energeticm smart and focused." She was born lucky.

you can check it out there.

Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Some One sent me Roses

I was seated in my small office and a guy comes to the reception with a bunch of roses...and asked for me....ohhhh he comes to my office and delivers the flowers...i ask him from which kind guy and he says i will read the card....hahahah all the girls at office were like oooohhhhhhhhh wow....hihi...but don't worry girls i wud have preferred pizza.The best part they came with chocolates hihi anywe the card read...........that the roses were from ........(someone).

cavendish greenlighters

So as i told u before....... i have formed green light clubs where youth will come together to press for issues that affect them.Last Friday i had a meeting with the cavendish uuniversity greenlighters and it was a productive one.i got a few experience from the members e.g
Mugambwa Arthur, he gave up on job searching because of the hardships he went through, he said he wrote applications but was told at one of his interviews that here it needs to know someone inside unless you are going to volunteer which also calls for the same situation. i also gave them my experience i passed through to get the job i holds now. i said i started in a phone company in town where i was doing marketing for two sim phones and i was being given commission on whatever she sold. This could pay my transport and meals. Because of the skills i had obtained, i met someone who took me on because of the way i was talking to clients. They should move out there and look for opportunities. i told them to come out and start thinking beyond the university, put what they ve have studied into action, make small projects and use the little resources they have to make something out of them thereby creating their own jobs.

One of the best cartoon movies

I loved watching this movie....A male bird that cudnt fly and learnt from a hot female bird...makes u know that women now days bring so much to the table ....if u love cartoon movies then u shld watch this movie.Rio follows a rare bird (Eisenberg’s Blu) as he travels to Rio de Janeiro after learning that another of his kind resides there (Hathaway’s Jewel). The movie marks Social Network star Jesse Eisenberg’s first trip into the recording booth

Monday, 20 June 2011

Green light clubs

Greenlight clubs are clubs that bring the youth together to resolve issues that concern the youth...and this year its employment issues.Did u know that 380,000 youth are released into the job market each year competing for just 90,000 jobs available,by 2011,Uganda will have a working population of 17m people who largely be youth.

Join in if your from any campus around uganda that is for muk,mubs,IUIUetc
Those greenlight Busega members.

chicken wings

mmmmmmhhh chicken wings make me go crazy....ya i know u will say i dont have to eat them coz am plus size bt should i am going to hotel triangle to have chicken a good life.

i love that guy with eva the diva ...i call him the black handsome chocolate ready to eat guy,he makes u hate the men u once dated lol,will smith mmmmmmhhhh brings up such a hard core determined girl makes u want to hate urself because she has already made it and she knows what she wants.what do u think?

little purple dress

You know how tyra says every girl should own a little black dress, that's how i feel with my little purple dress.i was taking a walk down town and i landed on this lovely dress that was my exact size and what was funny its like it was there waiting for me because i tried ignoring the dress asking prices for other dresses but the guy just kept on telling me buy that purple dress instead.i didn't even try it out 1st ...but i bought it and took it home.On Monday morning off to work in my purple dress everyone couldn't stop staring at my plus size finger in my little purple dress.yeeeeeeeeeeee