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my works

Marketing and branding becoming exciting when u take pics of the finished product...just memories.

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Aggie killed this outfit.

Cant say much but loved it....Inbox her on facebook if you want more of these fab shoes,dresses,colourful belts and shoes...she has got them all at a very good price .

Tuesday, 2 October 2012

The new generation woman...heheheheh(Man forced in marriage)

10:35pm Aug 29
> A court in Uganda has forced a man to marry a woman, who claims she
> has feelings for him. Ms Catherine Kalembe is the one who dragged Mr.
> Emma Mutaka to court seeking court orders to marry him.
> The Chief magistrate of Iganga court, ms Susan Kanyange on hearing
> this case gave Mutaka up to November 19th, 2012 to marry this woman or
> to pay fine for failure to marry her.
> The woman also told the magistrate that she doesn’t want to hear
> stories that the man doesn’t have money to marry her.
> Many lawyers and opinion leaders in Uganda, Africa and of course
> across the globe have described this case as “strange” and the first
> of its kind in Africa. Gerald Lumbuye Nsubuga, the LC3 chairperson of
> Makindye Sabagabo wonders how can a woman develop feelings for a man
> and she drags him to court seeking forceful marriage and the court
> accepts her demands.
> We have also learnt that the man has a small income while the woman is
> having a juicy job in one of the organisations in Uganda.
> In her submission to the Iganga Chief Magistrate, Ms Kalembe told
> court that she has been requesting this man to marry her since
> December 17, 2011.
> Ms Nakalembe says that she sees many men but her feelings are on Mr.
> Mutaka. Kalembe’s lawyer says that since December 2011 his client has
> suffered mental anguish and torture, lost chances to marry and
> suffered injured feelings and shame in community because of Mutaka’s
> refusal to marry her. Mr Mutaka in his defence told the court that he
> is surprised by this strange suit.
> Report by Walakira Nyanzi

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