Monday, 13 February 2012

i loved her hair at SUE's beach BD outing

Ok all of you know am not so good with words but try my best with the photos.On Saturday was at the beach with aggie and i loved her look mostly the hair althou she hated the fact that i mostly loved the hair.

Anywe she looked good as usual(my babe aggie ninsima u looked lovely with that hair) and The bd girl also looked so smashing sexy in her out fit with her beautiful skin, unfortunately i didnt take many pics of the bd girl bt trust me i regret it.she has the boldness i wish i had.anywe here are the pics.Ohhh and Sue i loved the cakes wow wow wow.hihihi

 ohhhh love the look

 yap thats me...

 yum yum....wish u tasted it wud make u c***
 mmmmmh sue in her sexy out ready to cut the cake with her bdmate ...hotness only

Tuesday, 7 February 2012

To my friends and one of my best couples

I don’t think you know what you mean to me
But you mean a lot
The chance of us not being friends
Is a real long shot

I hate when you’re sad
I love it when you’re happy
Because if your upset
It makes me feel crappy

Thanks for always being there
When I needed you most
If it weren’t for you the chances of me not being here
Would have really come close

I don’t know what I would do
If you weren’t my friend
I don’t think my heart
Would ever mend

I hope you know I always have your back
Just like you’ve had mine
And it will always stay that way
Until the end of time

We’ll be friends
Hopefully without end
So I just wanna say thanks
Thanks for being my friend

Althou mushi made it hard for us to meet that handsome man hihihi ...i cant stop loving them as a couple...they are those couples that u wud watch in a high school movies and make u proud u bought the movie or went to watch it expensively at the cinema,a couple that makes u buy all the seasons of a certain serie if u know what am saying heheh
And yes this couples lives in my world...hehehe they are getting married soon and am scratching my head to get them the best present.
Mushi i loved my stay in kenya and thank u for hidding ur man hihihi bt dont trust no one and thats a true story hehehehe.hope to see u soon.

Now my best pics of this lovely couple ...with also a pic of the product of their bad/good manner of doing grown up stuff hihi

 the handsome everyone thout he was mine coz he looks like his aunty Jamila instead heheeh

All the best at the wedding Melvin and Lightness.