Friday, 1 July 2011

KING JULIEN my type of king...hihu

U know how i love this guy is the guy that makes my sad days and my moody days he has some dope lines and what ever he says is always funny to me...whoever thout of his character was a genius below are some of his lines.
-I am very clever king... tok tok tok tok... I am super genius... I am robot king of the monkey thing... compute... compute.
-They are... aliens! Savage aliens! From the savage future!
-Get up Mort! Do not be near the King's feet, okay!
-The feet! I told you about - I told you to - I told you - didn't I tell him about the feet?
-After much deep and profound brain things inside my head, I have decided to thank you for bringing peace to our home. And to make you feel good, I'm going to give you this lovely parting gift.
-Which forgetter is next for the whooping? Come on, I want you to hurt like I do! Ha-ha-ha-ha!
-Because what is a party without cake? I guess it would still be a party, but it would feel like something is missing. Something cakey.
-It is time to celebrate me and the many moods of me. Today, festive me.

And these are some of my favourite pics of king Julien.The last one he was shaking his booty he say Morris check out my fabulous

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  1. Oh my God dont i love this character...he makes madagascar what it is.he is so self centered and the world is him...he is super funny i would so marry him...his kingdom is the most un serious and has parties like no other...he is sooo funny,the person who wrote that script must be the most intelligent cartoonist in the world..i also love motto motto...when he said mbu my name is so hot you have to say it twice!!!he is sooo smooth it hurts..