Thursday, 27 September 2012

Analysis of Ugandan Men

Mbu thats what they are,Behavior wise hihihi.

Any woman willing to date a Ugandan man should know this:

Banyankole Men are too arrogant;
Bakiga men are Ignorant but arrogant;
Baganda men are great Liars,
Basoga men are too difficult and take long to understand,
Batooro men are too backward,
Acholi men are generous but wife beaters and never introduce you easily to their families,
Teso men are loving but drunkards,
Lugbara men are so mean,
Alur men are lazy,
Bagisu men are hypocrites,
Langi men are unreliable and gossip alot,
Banyoro men are like kids you teach them almost everything,
Japathola men eat food like there is no tomorow,
the Baruli, Banyoli and Bagungu men are those to fear if you fear witchcraft(they can bewitch you, animals, gardens etc),
if you hate sex in the morning don't marry a Mukonjo, Mwamba or Sabin,
Madi men are so talkative so if you want alot of stories just try one,
If you want to be confused try a Mugwere or a Kumam,these are just confused like their languages,
If you want adventure try a Karamojong you will have no regrets,
Samia men are beepers; they can’t sustain a call for 40 seconds….

Who is missing???


  1. Jamilah this is by far the funniest post ever..And you are so spot on. Listen up ladies

    1. heheheheheh i had to help out some ladies...