Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Thinkin Hard

For the last 3 weeks my mind has just been in to much thought,about my life what i want in life and what i need to do about my life.
Problem is i think i gat solutions but then when i seat to put them down on paper i go blank like so blank.

Think I’ll have to
think longer and harder
about what I want.

you know i love cartoons so much while i was lookin in ma cartoon collection just thout i wud share with you some that looked like me this past 3 weeks.Kyaba too much i need a miracle.


  1. Honestly u thought hard about wat u want to be in life and the best thing was "Cartoons"!really

  2. heehehehe they just portray the mood i was in...i just love cartoons

  3. if thinking is not doing it then its time for action. take that leap of faith and act on your strongest instinct

    1. wow thank you for that advise Annet think i will do exactly that.