Thursday, 19 April 2012

Wedding to be...!!!!!

I know its weird to dream before the real thing happens,but i saw these pics on Bella Nijja Blog and wanted to share them with you guys.
I have this Huge dream that when the right man sets in and throws that question.I want to have a snow white wedding event.
Some of these Pics tried to fit in my dream wedding pictorial.Enjoy and tell me what you think.
How do u imagine your wedding ceremony way before you even get that right man.Am i mad or just preparing for the future...hihihihi.Ohhh and i wish every Bride this year  luck,trust me have fun coz it will be ur day,every woman's dream.Annet Mbabazi and Namazzi Mariam am sure and i know u will look beautiful on ur wedding days.


  1. yaaay to the gals getting married this year!wish them all the best that God has to offer...anyway how come u have stolen my idea...i want an all white wedding....but incase i have a second husband(yess a 2nd one-dont frown!)it will be Dreamy Pink!!!!!ouuuuch

    1. hahahahahah i hear 2nd husband shaaa u ...silowoza...i also love the dreamy pink or baby blue wedding heheheh

  2. thanks for thinking of me dear.