Sunday, 24 July 2011

aarrrrgggg its a monday

The journey was difficult this morning, Mondays always are, struggling to find something to wear, I keep brushing my hair, but there is that one curl that doesn’t seem to want to stay in place.  I stood there looking at the bead as though the sheets and the blankets would turn themselves back.  The shower I just took just left me wet, when the whole purpose of my shower was to wake my cranky butt up.
Mondays always makes me grit my teeth and mumble words under my breath.  Well I finally got dressed and I have my mouth smelling like a ‘York Peppermint Patty’,and its cold “I hate the cold”, and besides by the time I arrive at work after being in a cold car, I think it best if no one spoke to me, until after I’ve had my coffee.  God the next time, well if there is a next time, could you please give us a 3 day weekend, because I hate Mondays.

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