Tuesday, 21 June 2011

cavendish greenlighters

So as i told u before....... i have formed green light clubs where youth will come together to press for issues that affect them.Last Friday i had a meeting with the cavendish uuniversity greenlighters and it was a productive one.i got a few experience from the members e.g
Mugambwa Arthur, he gave up on job searching because of the hardships he went through, he said he wrote applications but was told at one of his interviews that here it needs to know someone inside unless you are going to volunteer which also calls for the same situation. i also gave them my experience i passed through to get the job i holds now. i said i started in a phone company in town where i was doing marketing for two sim phones and i was being given commission on whatever she sold. This could pay my transport and meals. Because of the skills i had obtained, i met someone who took me on because of the way i was talking to clients. They should move out there and look for opportunities. i told them to come out and start thinking beyond the university, put what they ve have studied into action, make small projects and use the little resources they have to make something out of them thereby creating their own jobs.

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