Monday, 13 February 2012

i loved her hair at SUE's beach BD outing

Ok all of you know am not so good with words but try my best with the photos.On Saturday was at the beach with aggie and i loved her look mostly the hair althou she hated the fact that i mostly loved the hair.

Anywe she looked good as usual(my babe aggie ninsima u looked lovely with that hair) and The bd girl also looked so smashing sexy in her out fit with her beautiful skin, unfortunately i didnt take many pics of the bd girl bt trust me i regret it.she has the boldness i wish i had.anywe here are the pics.Ohhh and Sue i loved the cakes wow wow wow.hihihi

 ohhhh love the look

 yap thats me...

 yum yum....wish u tasted it wud make u c***
 mmmmmh sue in her sexy out ready to cut the cake with her bdmate ...hotness only